A Decade of Ministry in Colorado

Yesterday: Looking back: The Christ Center was established in 2004 as a not-for-profit corporation. Our goal was to become an inter-denominational Christian ministry committed to taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to college students and discipling them to spiritual maturity.

To God the glory: This ministry started in a run-down little house next to the university campus. After a decade of ministry in a modern new facility we want to look back to remember with you just one of the many amazing things God did in building this ministry.

Prayer: During 2008, at the beginning of a capital campaign to build our current facility, five ladies committed to pray weekly. One of them said that she had received a prophetic word from God – namely that the money for the new facility was going to come from the gas and oil industry. We were skeptical.

Miraculous Provision: We did all the fundraising activities we were supposed to – but God provided in different ways. An investment banker walked into the old house one day and wanted to know more about the project. A while later he indicated that he had shared the vision with somebody who wanted to make a donation. A month later, we received a check in the mail from this unknown person in the amount of $50,000. That person gave two more times for a total of $120,000. She was giving out of her gas and oil royalties.

Around the same time, another unknown lady walked into the office and asked about the project. Her curiosity was peaked by a sign announcing the “coming Christ Center” on the property that did not even belong to us yet. After much deliberation by the lady and her husband they made a huge donation in the amount of $200,000. They were tithing on the sale of a ranch to a gas and oil company.

Altogether, 300 people and businesses donated to help build the building. Their names are inscribed in black marble at our back door. By participating, the Christ Center’s story has become their story also.

Many have continued to give, helping the ministry grow. We are thankful.

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