Scholarships Growing Leaders

Taylor Schofield is a student leader with InterVarsity Student Fellowship (IV).  A two-time recipient of a Mission Scholarship, he is also a “bartender to the millennials” or more accurately, a barista at the Four Winds.

One of our scholarships allowed Taylor to attend an InterVarsity leadership training course.  Of this experience, he says: “When I came to CMU, I thought I was really good at leading groups and inviting people into groups.  After going to a week-long leadership training with InterVarsity, I realized that I didn’t know anything.  I was living in my own little “Christian bubble.”  After that week, I realized that our group was for anyone and that we needed to make them feel welcomed and valued.  I now understand that our ministry needs to fulfill God’s mission by reaching out to every corner and every culture on campus.”

Of the Mission Scholarships’ impact, Taylor says: “We have grown as leaders and we were also able to invite students who never would have had the opportunity to go on a trip without your support.”

Next year, Taylor will spend a semester in Spain and will visit Málaga to check out the site where we hope to plant our second coffeehouse outreach.

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