The Original Christ Center

A Decade of Ministry in Colorado

The Christ Center was established in 2004 as a not-for-profit corporation.  We are an inter-denominational Christian ministry committed to taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to college students and discipling them to spiritual maturity.

We are situated next to the Colorado Mesa University (CMU), Grand Junction, Colorado.

Our outreach takes the shape of a coffeehouse called “The Four Winds Coffee and Tea”.  The coffeehouse is the modern day “well” where people cross paths and slow down to visit and reflect – much like Jesus and the Samaritan woman did in John 4.  It is not a church, it is not home, and it is not the workplace.  It is just a neutral place where people go to feed their need for community.

Click here to visit the Christ Center Grand Junction site.


What People Say

“I admire the way in which the Christ Center partners with local churches and campus ministries, connecting them together. The Christ Center has been instrumental in helping us meet people who care about our ministry.”

Will Kuhlman, InterVarsity at CMU

Ongoing activities of the Christ Center and Four Winds Coffee and Tea


  • Meeting place: We provide a safe meeting place with a Christ filled atmosphere for use by campus ministries, all students and the community
  • Engagement: We engage with students to help them grow towards spiritual maturity
  • Bridge: We are building a bridge between the local Christian community and the CMU campus
  • Common Ground (an affiliation of the campus ministries): We coordinate monthly meetings with Christian Challenge, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Christian Student Fellowship, InterVarsity, MCCM, Young Life, Master Plan and people from different churches to plan joint outreaches to students and to pray
  • Scholarships: We provide scholarships for mission trips, enabling students to carry their faith all over the world – returning home forever changed (approximately $18,00 in scholarships awarded to around 60 students  as of December 2016)
  • Sunday Suppers:  On Sunday evenings we partner with local churches to provide a free meal to students – building relationships with students through food
  • “Meat” the Freshman: We coordinate an annual steak dinner on campus.  We feed about 1,000 students as a way to introduce students to the various campus ministries.  This is a unique partnership between the campus ministries, local Christian churches and the Christ Center
  • Increasing Ministry: In 2013 the Christ Center brought together leaders of InterVarsity and local churches to help plant a new InterVarsity chapter on the CMU campus.

Another unique feature of the Christ Center is that we are working towards financial self-sufficiency.  We are currently about 80% self supporting and hope to be generate all of our ministry support via the coffeehouse in the near future.


What People Say

“I am in the coffee shop multiple times a week and I observe wonderful things happening.  I see students holding Bible studies and praying together.  I see members of the community meeting with students, and I see pastors meeting together.  I see baristas smiling and sharing the love of God with everybody coming through the door.”

Darrin Crow, Christian Challenge at CMU

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