Seth Rickard – Málaga Director

Hi, I’m Seth. I love coffee, reading, and learning languages. I graduated university with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, but I believe God is calling me in a different direction right now. Thinking about my future I was unable to shake the feeling that God had been brewing something for me (no pun intended). The more I’ve learned about the students in Málaga, Spain, the more convinced I’ve become that God wants me there. I want the rest of my life to be characterized by faithfulness and availability to my Creator, so I’m starting now. I am ready, and I’m available, in hopes that Spain will see the love of Christ, and that Christ will be glorified.

I’m currently raising support to be able to go fill this position. Would you please consider joining alongside me to make this mission possible?

You can support me here.

And you can get in contact with me here.


Hours Open Mon-Fri 8am-10pm | Sat 8am-7pm | Closed Sun
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