Spain Outreach

Outreach to Málaga, Spain

Over time we realized that our local ministry can work anywhere with some adjustments. A few years ago we became aware of a tremendous spiritual need at the University of Málaga in Spain.

The University of Málaga is located in a city where many cultures from all over the world meet. Thirty seven thousand students, Spaniards and others from all over the world, attend this university. It is only a few miles removed from Africa and the Muslim world.

Only three campus ministers serve the needs of  these 37,000 students.  The local evangelical church does not have the resources to reach out to students on campus.

We have been called to build a spiritual well at the edge of this post-Christian city, at the heart of its university. By planting a relational and authentic Christian community at the University of Málaga we hope to reach many for Christ.

We will also seek to build a bridge between the University and its surrounding Christian community by inviting local believers and churches to engage with students in various ways.

We see a great opportunity for a cultural bridge across the Atlantic Ocean with Spanish students working in Grand Junction, and local students working in Spain for a season.


Hours Open Mon-Fri 8am-10pm | Sat 8am-7pm | Closed Sun
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