OUTREACH TO SPAIN: We have reached students in Grand Junction, Colorado for a decade by means of a coffeehouse ministry.  We believe that, with appropriate adjustments, a similar coffeehouse outreach to students at the University of Malaga will bear significant fruit – both in Spain and here locally.  Please read OUR VISION for Spain.

UNIVERSITIES, ISOLATED PLACES:  Many people in Christian communities surrounding university campuses have come to view these places of higher learning as remote ivory towers where students are taught patterns of thinking and living that are an anathema to the faith.

Students, on the other hand, often feel that going to university is an opportunity to learn and experience new things, where they can develop their own take on life, and where they can shed the “shackles” and restraints imposed on them by their parents.

These two lines of thinking frequently converge to form an invisible barrier between the university and its surrounding Christian community.

UNIVERSITIES, IMPORTANT PLACES:  Universities are, however, very important places where future leaders are shaped. There is a powerful truth best expressed by Dr. Charles Malik: “The university is the clear fulcrum (leverage point) with which to move the world.  More potently than by any other means, change the university and you change the world.”

IMPACTING STUDENTS:  The Christ Center has been called to help make a big change at our local University.  We did this by creating a warm inviting Coffeehouse next to campus.  This coffeehouse, The Four Winds Coffee and Tea, is a “spiritual watering hole” where campus ministers are empowered for their task on campus.  It is a place where people from the community rub shoulders with students from all faith persuasions with great results.  Non-believing students see followers of Christ extend a helping hand and they feel the caring that comes from hanging out with Christians.  In a real way, the coffeehouse has become a link between the local Christian community, and students and faculty on campus.

JOIN US IN REACHING THE STUDENTS AT MÁLAGA UNIVERSITY FOR CHRIST:  For a season this website will be a fundraising tool.  We want to invite you to help us build a second spiritual “well” on the campus of the University of Málaga located in the city of Málaga on the Sun Coast of Spain.

                                                           PLEASE READ OUR VISION FOR SPAIN.

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