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Help us replicate an American Christian Coffeehouse Ministry in Spain

CentroWe, The Christ Center/ Four Winds Coffee and Tea, located next to the Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, Colorado, want to invite you to help us build a second spiritual “well” on the campus of the University of Málaga located in the city of Málaga on the Sun Coast of Spain.

About a Coffeehouse Ministry in Málaga…

A Coffeehouse, Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

Jesus called us to reach the unreached by telling them the gospel story and inviting them into a relationship with Him who is the source of living water, love, and redemption.

He modeled for us a very effective way to do this.  He placed himself in the path of the Samaritan Woman at the well.  There He engaged her with questions.  She was open to His questions, and there at the well she received forgiveness and salvation.  She would never have met Jesus in a church or synagogue because she was a Samaritan – despised by the Jews of the day and unwelcome in a church.

She would never have encountered Jesus at work because she was a prostitute, and her chances of meeting Jesus at home were slim.  So Jesus set up an appointment with her at the well – a place where many people from various social and cultural backgrounds freely rubbed shoulders and interacted. The well of Jesus’ time sounds a lot like a modern-day coffeehouse.

It Started with a “Well” at the Colorado Mesa University (CMU), Grand Junction, Colorado

Because the university is such an important pivot point in the lives of future leaders, the Christ Center has built a spiritual “well” in the form of the Four Winds Coffee and Tea next to our local university.

Fountain in a street of Málaga, SpainThe coffeehouse is a warm, inviting and Spirit filled meeting place where all students come to study and find reprieve from the pressures of campus life.  It is a place dedicated to serving the needs of the various campus ministries on campus by providing a place where the Bible is studied, young Christian leaders are trained, and unbelieving students rub shoulders with followers of Christ.

Most of the Christian ministries on campus meet at the Four Winds once a month.  We call that meeting “Common Ground.”  We meet to discuss the spiritual needs of the students on our campus, ways to reach them with the good news of Jesus, and to plan joint campus events aimed at demonstrating Christian unity and showing the love of Jesus.  At these meetings we pray for our students and for each other.

The local Christian community has become more engaged with outreach to students by using the coffeehouse for meetings and Bible studies and, more specifically, by partnering with the Christ Center to bring more ministry to the campus.  Over the last decade, thousands of students and people from the broader community have been ministered to at the “well” next to the Colorado Mesa University.

Next Step: A “Well” at the University of Málaga (UM), Spain

The apostle Paul showed us that we must carry our faith to the important cross-roads where different cultures meet and more importantly, where The Culture is shaped.

The University of Málaga is such a place.  Thirty seven thousand students attend that university.  Spanish students are joined by students from all over Europe and the whole world who come to Málaga to study.  The city of Málaga is also on the cross-roads of cultures.  It is a few miles removed from Africa and the Muslim world.

AcueductoSegovia_edit1We have been called to build a spiritual “well” at the edge of this post-Christian city and at the heart of its university.  In Spain, only 400 students out of 1,000,000 are reached by the IFES-linked student movement. (Operation World – 2010).  Other Christian campus movements which are active in Spain include AGAPE and Contra Corriente, an indigenous Spanish ministry.

Through a unique staffing model (50% young Christian volunteer-missionaries and 50% Spanish employees) we plan to build a “well” which is both Spirit filled while the same time helping to alleviate the dire need for jobs in the local community.  The employment rate among 18 to 26 year-olds in Spain is a staggering 57%.

Spanish students are required to meet an English language proficiency level.  We will be serving their needs by making our staff available to provide English language training.

By planting a relational and authentic Christian community at the University of Málaga we hope to reach many for Christ.  We will also seek to create a bridge between the University and the local Christian community by inviting local believers and churches to engage with the students and campus ministries in various ways.

What People Say

“It is, for us as a church, the answer to our prayers.  Since we see the university in front of our chapel we have been praying to the Lord that a ministry, which is reaching out to the students, would come to Málaga.  Now you are arriving and we hope that all doors will be open for you and your team.”

Dr Frugoni, Pastor. Málaga

Bridge across the Atlantic

Part of the plan is to connect the “well” in Colorado with the “well” in Spain in a unique way.  We will have American students traveling to Málaga to serve there for a period of time and perhaps to earn study-abroad credits from our local university.  Similarly, we will bring Spanish students to Grand Junction to work alongside our local baristas while living with Christian families in our community.

Foreign travel has a unique way of stretching narrow perspectives and shattering the “mind shackles” which tend to grow around young brains which are isolated in one culture – especially a culture such as ours which tends to be inwardly focused.

It is our hope that an exchange of students will enrich both American and Spanish students as they serve in each other’s countries and begin to build lives that will for ever be focused outward.

 How You Can Help

  1. Read more about this outreach in the related articles on the website
  2. Read the answers to the FAQ
  3. Pray for the students at CMU, MU and for the outreach to these two student communities
  4. Help with a financial contribution
  5. Send us your e-mail address so that we can continue to update you via our blog on the progress with this outreach.  We will not share your information with anyone else.

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